Unless you have significant knowledge in law, you will find the employee-employer relationship quite confusing especially when it comes to some regulations regulating the rights and privileges of workers. Most workers need the expertise of Employment Lawyers Brisbane so they can get the best legal advice when it comes to what they are entitled to as employees.

It is best to chose lawyers who understand the legal rights and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. You may not realize this now but an understanding of the arguments presented by both sides will come useful when it comes to the resolution and settlement of the case. Don’t forego your right to a good lawyer even if you do not have money to finance your case right now because you can always choose Lawyers Brisbane who will take your case on the basis of the no win, no fee condition.

Need for Brisbane Lawyers

There are many instances when an employee or even an employer should get the services of an experienced employment lawyer and these cases are only some of them:

Contracts of employment Employment redundancy Disciplinary action Grievance Unfair dismissal Discrimination cases Workers compensation Personal Injury claims Fair Work Act

One of the laws that will require the services of Employment Lawyers Brisbane is the new Fair Work Act, now the Fair Work Commission, which provides more rights to employees compared to the previous legislation. These changes are now in effect and these can affect both employees and employers when it comes to the period of lodging claims for unfair dismissal period of filing applications for general protection and dismissal as well as the processes involved in enterprise agreement.

Workers Compensation Claims

Another law which requires the legal expertise of Employment Lawyers Brisbane is the Workers Compensation Claims considering that there are different systems implemented in the various Australian States and territories. While only a portion of your real losses is compensated under Workers Compensation, there are some States that allow employees to get compensation under the common law and the compensation under this is more substantial.
The provisions of some employment laws tend to overlap so it is best to get the Best Employment Lawyers who will advice you as to what you are entitled to in terms of compensation, the time limits for particular claims and other legal matters that will make or break your employment case.

Queensland employers are required to provide their employees with Workers Compensation Insurance. If you are injured at work then you better get an employment lawyer because you may be entitled to compensation under the Workers Compensation Act. Do not be tempted to accept any lump sum offer because that may be the end to greater rights and compensation you may be entitled to as a result of the injury.

Not all employees know that even if they have already received compensation under the Workers Compensation Act, that they may still be qualified to make a claim under the common law and receive additional benefits subject to the assessment of WorkCover Queensland, the main government agency that manages the funds for Workers Compensation. To avoid forfeiting any of your rights, make sure you set an appointment with your lawyer first.


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