House rent landlord, apartments house rent, tenant security deposits In the present housing market scenario, when things don’t seem to be going very well, many of the homeowners are considering the option of renting out their houses instead of selling. But then these individuals are not seasoned but accidental landlords who have no idea of the hassles and complications of handling a rental property in an effective kind of a way. Hence, here is a foundational primer that focuses on property renting which will give you a close idea. o Be clear with the law. As you rent your home you become a part of the landlord or tenant laws at both the federal and state levels, so keep that[…]

The task of buying or selling property can be a complex, yet exciting experience. While most people seek the professional help of real estate agents, fewer of them ever consider using the services of a real estate lawyer. But in fact, an attorney specializing in this area, can benefit consumers immensely and ensure the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you are on the sales or buying end of things, hiring real estate lawyers  is a must. Not only do they take all the guesswork and confusion out of legal documents, but they also prepare and secure such essentials as deeds, title insurance, purchase contracts, sales agreements, all while protecting the rights of the buyer or seller they[…]

 Landlord Tenant Lawyers Law Firm in Silverlake we advocate for the rights of landlords, property owners, and tenants. For our clients, we bring an experienced depth of knowledge of Real Estate Law, as well as solutions to landlord tenant disputes. Because of our collective experience, we advise our clients how to work through out-of-court negotiations, or, when circumstances require, what to expect in Civil Court so that informed business and financial decisions can be made. A landlord tenant dispute can occur no matter how much detail was in an original agreement or lease. Many times, eviction notices such as notices to cure or notices of default, notices to quit, notices of termination are necessary to enforce an owner or landlord’s[…]

Article 52, index, Gauthier Section 5201. Title and purpose. 5202. Definitions. 5203. Motor vehicle accident indemnification corporation. 5204. Board of directors.nn 5205. Liability of directors and members. 5206. Powers of corporation. 5207. Assessments against members. 5208. Notice of claim. 5209. Investigation and defense of claims. 5210. Application for payment of judgment. 5211. Hearing on application for payment of judgment. 5212. Order for payment of judgment. 5213. Settlement of claims or actions. 5214. Default and consent judgments. 5215. Collusive judgments. 5216. Assignments of judgments to corporation. 5217. “Hit and run” causes of action. 5218. Procedure for “hit and run” cases. 5219. Disclaimer or denial of coverage cases. 5220. Notice of judgment to commissioner. 5221. “No-fault” benefits to qualified persons. 5222. Examination[…]

 Seller Financing has likely become the single most talked about real estate investing tool in the past few years due to the lending restrictions banks have placed on our industry. Just this past week, a banker told me real estate investing is now considered a “hobby” meaning it is not considered a lending option for banks right now. With that said, wise investors are turning to various aspects of seller financing. What needs to be clarified are the different types of seller financing methods available to you. Let’s take a look: 3 Approaches to Seller Financing Lease-Option: Probably the most common approach investors have used throughout the years. You are able to approach sellers and lease a property with the[…]

Article 162, Trainers, Gauthier Section 8350.   Introduction 8351. Definition. 8352. Definition of practice of athletic training. 8353. Use of the title “certified athletic trainer”. 8354. State committee for athletic trainers. 8355. Requirements and procedure for professional certification. 8356. Special provisions. 8357. Non-liability of certified athletic trainers for first aid or emergency treatment. 8358. Separability. S 8350. Introduction. This article applies to the profession of athletic training. The general provisions of all professions contained in article one hundred thirty of this chapter shall apply to this article. S 8351. Definition. As used in this article “athletic trainer” means any person who is duly certified in accordance with this article to perform athletic training under the supervision of a physician and[…]

Purposes. 202. General powers. 203. Defense of ultra vires. S 201.   Purposes. (a) A corporation may be formed under this chapter for any lawful business purpose or purposes except to do in this state any business for which formation is permitted under any other statute of this state unless such statute permits formation under this chapter. If, immediately prior to the effective date of this chapter, a statute of this state permitted the formation of a corporation under the stock corporation law for a purpose or purposes specified in such other statute, such statute shall be deemed and construed to permit formation of such corporation under this chapter, and any conditions, limitations or restrictions in such other statute upon[…]

Process development plan, moving average process, moving house process Are you feeling dizzy with the very thought of moving and all the hassles that you have to face along with it? Relocating is not at all an easy task and is rather overwhelming. But then there are ways in which you can effectively tackle the entire thing. All you have to do is break down the entire process into little planned sections and convenient tasks thereby ensuring an unhindered shift from the prior home to the new home. Planning the Moving Process Moving away from the homely neighborhood can be real hard and stressful. It is not that painless to bid a goodbye to all the friends and neighbors. Adding[…]

 Real Estate agents got a wake-up call today. Results of the most extensive survey ever of ethnic-group attitudes toward professional real estate services were unveiled. Home Buying Among Ethnic Groups examines attitudes and expectations of Hispanics, whites, blacks and Asians. The telephone survey of 4,000 Texans was commissioned by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, a non-profit agency funded by the states real estate licensees. The survey should prove particularly useful in Texas, says Gary Maler, Center associate director, where a burgeoning Hispanic population offers a vast untapped market of future homebuyers. Agents who understand the varying needs of their ethnic clients will be putting up more sold signs in the future. Because Hispanics are the fastest growing[…]