Process development plan, moving average process, moving house process Are you feeling dizzy with the very thought of moving and all the hassles that you have to face along with it? Relocating is not at all an easy task and is rather overwhelming. But then there are ways in which you can effectively tackle the entire thing. All you have to do is break down the entire process into little planned sections and convenient tasks thereby ensuring an unhindered shift from the prior home to the new home. Planning the Moving Process Moving away from the homely neighborhood can be real hard and stressful. It is not that painless to bid a goodbye to all the friends and neighbors. Adding[…]

┬áReal Estate agents got a wake-up call today. Results of the most extensive survey ever of ethnic-group attitudes toward professional real estate services were unveiled. Home Buying Among Ethnic Groups examines attitudes and expectations of Hispanics, whites, blacks and Asians. The telephone survey of 4,000 Texans was commissioned by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, a non-profit agency funded by the states real estate licensees. The survey should prove particularly useful in Texas, says Gary Maler, Center associate director, where a burgeoning Hispanic population offers a vast untapped market of future homebuyers. Agents who understand the varying needs of their ethnic clients will be putting up more sold signs in the future. Because Hispanics are the fastest growing[…]